Conference Site for ‘Data Science is a Team Sport!’


Build a conference landing site with Vue.js.
Made a ‘Electronic display’ section to show sponsor list,
and show session detail information like a sports player with animation.


Show session information like sports player introduction
Main page
Timetable page

Zepl Front End UI/UX Renewal Project


Before, Zepl doesn’t had a designer and there’s no rule for the UI/UX guideline.

I teamed up with one designer and do the UI/UX renewal with building a reusable components and setting up design guidelines.

Participants: Yurim(Front End Engineer), Youngjin(Designer)
Project Period: 2018.06~2019.02


Has no consistency on Font hierarchy, margins, the way to show the datasets.

After (Components that I made)

Overall app behavior
Carousel, Dropdown with Skeleton loading indicator
Modal with searchable dropdown components
Filterable/Sortable/Searchable Table with Pin feature
Item box and Overlay with micro interactions
Clickable list and Pagination
Collapsible with Real-time Graphs and Table
Outline sidebar with search feature
Create-able Select box which supports Validation, Copy/Paste from Excel sheet
Code snippets